Saints quarterback Drew Brees announced the plan on his official Twitter account.

According to Brees the New Orleans Saints will kneel together as a team before the anthem and stand together as a team for the anthem this Sunday in London as they face the Miami Dolphins at Wembley Stadium.

This is the move that the Dallas Cowboys decided upon for their Monday Night Football game in Week 3 of the regular season that received more praise than backlash—especially compared to demonstrations from other NFL teams that week.

Last week ten Saints players demonstrated in protest during the national anthem led by safety Kenny Vaccaro who said he was standing against "social inequality and police brutality." This has been a hot-button issue that has caused some fans to claim they are "done" with the Saints and in some cases the entire National Football League.

Earlier this week we saw the backlash affect a local business as Breaux Mart made a decision to remove all Saints/NFL marketing and branding from their store. This was just one of the instances that led Schilling Distributors to pull all Saints/NFL point of sale materials for the time being.

Saints head coach Sean Payton spoke with the media earlier this week saying the team would discuss the best way to handle the anthem moving forward. When a reporter asked if he thought there would be a requirement to stand he had this to say.

I wouldn’t know that, in other words I think that would be a question for Mr. Benson or a question for someone else, but I think we will have a plan, in regards to, how we are going to handle it.

Will this move from the Saints hurt or help their case?

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