NFL teams may have crossed the line when they met with former LSU football star Derrius Guice. 

Teams are known for pushing the limit at the NFL combine when they privately meet with players, but a couple of teams team may have gone too far when they asked Guice about his sexuality and family.

The star running back says that one NFL team asked him if he was gay and then proceeded to ask him if he likes men. Yes, they went there.

Then, when Guice went into another meeting, he says that another team said they heard that his mom sells herself and they wanted to know how he felt about that.

Apparently, these teams are playing mind tricks with the potential draft choices, but is this going too far? After all, if you or I went into an interview with a potential employer and they asked us such questions we may have a legal case on our hands.

Derrius Guice is projected to be drafted in the early rounds of the upcoming NFL draft in April

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