What is winter in South Louisiana? I will wait while you run through the gamut of wardrobe changes in your mind that are required to live along and south of I-10 during the months of the year designated as winter. A coat, some shorts, a tank top, a parka, sandals, boots, longjohns, swimsuit, yeah that's what you'll need.

Our "winter" is hardly a "wonderland". In fact, Louisiana winters can range from shorts and t-shirts weather to gray, brown, and muggy, to get out the gumbo pots and find your jacket. So, like most of your favorite dishes, take this long-range outlook from NOAA with a grain or two of salt.



The map you see above shows that forecasters are giving Louisiana and most of the country a 40%-50% chance of experiencing warmer than average conditions look ahead into the winter months. The average temperature in December and January in Louisiana is between 62 and 65 degrees. That doesn't mean we won't have cold snaps but for the most part, temperatures should be comfortable.


This is the precipitation forecast map for the winter months. Forecasters are suggesting that much of the country, including Louisiana, will experience normal precipitation totals during the winter months. We usually average a little more than five inches of precipitation each month during the months of December, January, and February.

The precipitation or lack of precipitation could be the bigger issue heading into the colder weather months. Most of the state is in a drought or near drought situation. So, even average rainfall could leave a lot of farmers, including crawfish farmers scrambling for adequate water for their crops.