A few weeks ago my family and I were dining in Dallas and since we were done with our meal and it was hot we decided we'd take our drinks to go. Not so fast my friend, not every place is like Louisiana where the go-cup is a part of the lineage of the community.

That got me to thinking, are there other places in this world where strolling the streets with a nonbreakable container filled with the beverage of your choice is welcome? Well, it turns out there are. Several of them are actually in neighboring states.

Both Mississippi and Alabama have selected cities, Jackson, Mobile, Tupelo, Huntsville, the Gulf Coast, just to name a few where there are designated go-cup zones. These zones are usually located in entertainment districts of the community.

Then there are the go-cup places you wouldn't expect like Lincoln Nebraska, Butte Montana, select cities in Ohio and Indiana, and maybe not too unexpected Sonoma California. Although I am betting most of Sonoma's go-cups are filled with wine and not Sex on the Beach.

Just like the Mississippi and Alabama locations we discussed earlier the go-cup is only allowed in selected areas of these states and communities. So you might want double check the local statutes before you plop down your ice chest and open up a 16 ounce in front of city hall.

Oh, and drink responsibly it's not like you can designate someone to walk for you.

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