You are already disputing this study even before you read about the study, aren't you?  America, at least all of America is not ready for legalized marijuana. However, it's coming. That is just the fact and the proverbial stench on the prevailing winds of change.

There is just too much money to be made by government entities in the taxation and regulation of marijuana for the money grubbing politicos to keep turning the other cheek.

We know about the dangers of alcohol. It's just fine when enjoyed in moderation or so we are lead to believe. Marijuana we don't know as much about because of its illegal nature testing has been slow in coming. Now that many states have weed as a legal thing you can bet more studies will be done and we'll eventually get better information.

So, which is worse for your health? Booze or is it pot? According to a study published by IFLScience booze is by far the worst choice. Wait, let me clarify, we have to define what "the parameters of worst" happens to be.

It's true that alcohol can cause death, health issues, and let's just say poor choices when used in excess. I am sure pot can too but again the real-life field data isn't quite available. So, we have a smaller sample size of legitimate data to pull from.

I guess it comes down to this simple process. If you like to drink, drink responsibly. If you like to smoke, and it's legal where you are, smoke responsibly and be aware that both of these drugs, yes booze is a drug too, can have harmful side effects and create changes in your personal health. The good news, it's your choice so you make the one that is best for you.

And now, an interesting report on marijuana from the show 'Adam Ruins Everything'



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