UPDATE: (11:38 A.M.)

The lockdown on schools in Port Barre has now been lifted according to a law enforcement official.


According to a KPEL law enforcement source, the schools located in Port Barre have been placed on lockdown out of an abundance of caution.

A student at one of the schools told administrators that he heard a man, as he was walking to school this morning, make threats against the school.

Officials with the school system are discussing whether or not they will be dismissing students as law enforcement continues their search for this man.

The man that is alleged to have made the threats is known to law enforcement. An official says this person has both mental and substance abuse issues.

The schools in Port Barre include the following:

  • Port Barre Elementary School
  • Port Barre Middle School
  • Port Barre High School
  • Port Barre Head Start Center
  • Good Shepard Montessori school

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