The power has been restored to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport but it hasn't been on that long. Already air carriers have made changes to the schedule for today. At least two Lafayette to Atlanta flights have been canceled according to the Lafayette Regional Airport website. 

The 6:00 AM and the 11:34 AM are currently off the board for today. The first flight showing on the departure board for LFT to ATL is still on for 5:34 PM but that is subject to change. As you might imagine there are reciprocal cancellations in Atlanta for flights coming from Georgia to Louisiana.

There are also numerous Delta and associated airline cancellations on the board according to the Louis Armstrong International Airport website. 

The power outage in Atlanta was the result of a fire in an underground industrial facility. That fire has been extinguished and the power was fully restored to Hartsfield-Jackson shortly after midnight Atlanta time.


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