Lafayette's trash and recycling contractor Republic Services is behind on pickups across the parish and it's costing the company a ton of money. According to its contract with Lafayette Consolidated Government, Republic is being charged $25.00 per house per day that pickup is delayed. You can do the simple math on how quickly the penalties are adding up in our area.


LCG District 8 Council Member Liz Webb Hebert said a perfect storm of issues came together to cause the delays in trash and recycling services. Several Republic crews have been out sick and in addition, one of its garbage trucks had mechanical problems.

"Luckily for us, Republic has sent in an "SOS" crew from California with extra staff to come in and help", Hebert said.

Many of residents have reported their trash was picked up over the weekend and early on Monday. LCG anticipates every resident being back on track by Tuesday. Hebert advises Lafayette residents to let their council member know anytime their trash is missed or picked up late.

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