Another week, a new scam.

We were notified by a small business in Lafayette that someone called their business from "Top Rated" on Tuesday to notify them that they won in the "TImes Best Of" competition.

Knowing that the winners have been announced, the business owner asked how she won being that the competition and voting are over. The caller, a man named "Carl," said that there was a miscalculation and that her business was in the Top-3.

He informed the business owner that she could get a plaque for winning and that it would cost her close to $200.

Sensing that something wasn't right, the business owner declined the offer and contacted The Daily Advertiser. The Advertiser, who put on the "Best Of" competition told the business owner that all winners have been announced and that there was no error.

While on the phone "Carl" told the local business owner that he works for the Advertiser, which he does not, and that he was going to correct the error after she purchased the plaque.

The local business owner sent me the number that contacted her and I called it. I spoke to "Carl" and he informed me that he was not aware of the call. I told him I spoke to the business owner and asked why he was calling people telling them they won something when they have not won anything---He couldn't answer me.

His story changed three or four times and I could tell that this guy was caught. So, if you get a call from (888) 468-5321 it is best to NOT answer the call.

I spoke to the Advertiser and they are aware of what is going on. So far, only one business has contacted them to let them know about the call.

Again, the Advertiser wants local businesses to know that no one affiliated with their office is calling to inform you of an error involving their competition, "The Times Best Of."

If anyone calls asking for your credit card information, NEVER give it out. Nor should you ever give any of your personal information out over the phone or online.

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