Louisiana Senator John Kennedy says he will not support what he terms a “knee-jerk” reaction to additional gun control laws in the wake of the Florida shootings. Kennedy opposes a bill to modify the existing back-ground check systems for firearm purchases because he says that system is broken.

“You want to improve the data base? Fire the people who are supposed to be putting information into the data base and are just sitting there sucking their teeth and doing nothing.”
Kennedy sympathizes with the victims of the Florida shootings but will not, as he says, be sucked into a pro temporary gun-control law we don’t need.

“I’m not going to get on the false band wagon up here that we need more gun control laws.. No. We need to enforce the ones we have.”

The proposed legislation does not expand background checks but rather requires officials to do a better job of screening. Kennedy says statistically speaking gun owners are not the problem.

Some people up in Washington forget that the vast, vast majority of Americans who own a gun ‘A’ have a constitutional right to do so and ‘B’ they’re not a danger to anyone.”

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