In a letter sent to Governor Edwards, US Senator John Kennedy expressed his concern over what he called an “inexcusable waste of taxpayer funds at the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission” based on a legislative audit.

Kennedy says the bulk of the problems appeared to have occurred under the leadership of Katara Williams, who has since been moved to a position with Southern University.

"Is she going to be punished?  Is she going to get to keep her job?  What is the governor planning on doing to recover this money?" asks Kennedy. "I sure hope they're not letting her handle any money," continued Kennedy, speaking of Williams position with Southern University, which Kennedy referred to as "high ranking" in his letter.

Among the fifteen areas of concern with the audit, Kennedy says there was 226.5 hours of overtime paid to one employee without any evidence to support the claim, sloppy travel records, and expenses for entertainment events.

Not only did Kennedy send his letter of concern to the governor, but he also sent a copy to President Donald Trump.

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