When it comes to sleep, I am all for it. I am a nap connoisseur so I know a thing or two about nodding off in unique places. While I have certainly been visited by the nap fairy in airports, buses, waiting rooms, carpool lines, and a conference call or two, never have I ever sacked out on the highway.

This woman is obviously more than sleepy. This dashcam footage from Fort Bend County in Texas shows a vehicle narrowly missing the woman laying on the edge of the roadway. The police officer stops his unit and goes to check on the woman. As you can see in the video, she is more than a  little groggy.

It turns out her car was about 200 yards down the road from where she decided or the substances in her system decided sleep was the better plan. The vehicle had been crashed into a ditch. The woman was arrested for public intoxication.

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