Simon Cowell seems to want to improve his health by cutting back on a few daily activities/bad habits.

The outspoken judge on America's Got Talent is on a health kick and is now exercising daily. More than that, he's also eating healthy and cutting back on some really bad habits.

According to what I read this morning, Simon is no longer drinking vodka and he has cut back on his smoking habit. The report I read said that he was smoking up to 80 CIGARETTES daily!!! 

Now, he's down to smoking two per day. Good for him. But how do you find time in your day to smoke 80 cigarettes per day?

This health kick comes after he fainted a few months ago and fell down the stairs at his home. If it was a wake-up call for Simon, then maybe the fall was all worth it.

Simon now has a 3-year-old son and perhaps that too has been his motivation to live a healthier lifestyle.

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