If you fly anywhere in America these days, and especially overseas, you probably live in fear of what can randomly happen when you board an airline. Between the ridiculous security lines, outrageous fees to fly, and getting patted down like a criminal, what used to be a fun experience is now completely humorless and stressful. And sometimes, it's not even up to you whether you are actually going to make it to your destination or not.

Check out the six ways that airlines can legally take you off of any plane from USA Today. Yikes!

  • The Air Marshall needs your seat - even when you didn't know they were on your flight
  • You were rude or obnoxious to a crew member - random, but they can still kick you off - so be nice!
  • You or your child don't follow instructions - if your toddler refuses to sit down and is running down the aisles before takeoff, you'll probably be asked to leave
  • The airline oversells or overbooks - this makes me so mad, and they do it all the time!
  • You're not properly dressed - wearing something offensive or too revealing means the cabin crew can kick you off if they want to
  • You are drunk - being inebriated means you probably aren't going to get to your destination, at the cabin crew's discretion

Check out what can happen below.

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