I hate to say we told you so but we did warn you this was coming back in December of last year. What was once a rumor has come to fruition. The corporate offices of Smoothie King will be departing New Orleans for Dallas Texas.

The decision to move to Dallas, according to reports, is not one of malice. Instead, it's more about money. The Dallas area is well known as a hub for the food and beverage franchises. This also gives Smoothie King owner, Wan Kim, better access to his other overseas ventures.

The naming rights for the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans will still be in place. You have to admit the timing of this announcement, whether it was calculated or not comes at a good time for Smoothie King. Most residents of New Orleans are too preoccupied with tonight's NFL Draft and the current success of the NBA's Pelicans to have a lot of time to complain.


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