Go ahead and file this under 'Nightmare Fuel.'

Parents were enjoying a day at the ballpark watching their kids play baseball when they heard a "plop." That's how baseball mom, Devin Lewis, described the sound she heard at the Moss Bluff Recreation Park while watching her son play.

We were all sitting under the cover watching my sons game when we heard a big plop sound. It was right behind me I didn't turn around until I heard some of the other mom's start freaking out. It fell from the rafters right between everyone. Our coach came off of the field and killed it with a bat. It was definitely a first.

Once the chaos subsided it was determined that the reptile was a chicken snake, but Lewis said the snake was "huge" and scared everyone around it.


Needless to say, all the parents were looking up for the rest of the day in hopes that they wouldn't have any more "surprise" visitors.

Have you ever been surprised by a snake or any other animal for that matter? Share your story.

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