In one of the most bizarre stories of the year so far, the Spanish-language network Univision announced yesterday that it was planning to produce its own version of the hit AMC show 'Breaking Bad.' However, it turns out that the announcement was premature to say the very least. Sony, who produces the the show for AMC, says that no deal is in place at the moment.

As weird as a foreign version of 'Breaking Bad' may seem, note that it's not uncommon for popular television shows to get remade overseas. Heck, American networks have been remaking British shows for years! Of course, there's also the six versions of 'The Office' that are airing across North America and Europe. A Spanish-language take on 'Breaking Bad' is actually something that could very well exist...but Univision probably won't be involved after jumping the gun here.

Sony revealed that they have shot an internal pilot for a foreign 'Breaking Bad' and are currently in talks with several potential networks to pick it up...but it hasn't gotten any further than that. Although Univision was one of the companies in on the plan, it was far from a done deal and them announcing the adaptation (which would have been titled 'Metastasis') for the 2013-2014 season was premature.

That's egg on the face of Univision, who have probably lost any chance they had at snagging the show. Things probably aren't too great over at Sony either, where they'll have to deal with the fallout of this entire debacle. However, this who thing has only made us very, very curious as to what a Spanish-language 'Breaking Bad' would look like.

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