If you live in St. Landry Parish, please check out the following press release and see if any of the information applies to you. Be safe:

Livestock Evacuation: Mandatory Evacuation of all Livestock on the levee and surrounding areas, beginning May 9th. Livestock remaining will be removed by the Parish and the owners will be billed for transportation and a daily maintenance fee.

Voluntary Evacuation of residents in the Melville, Krotz Springs and Three Mile Lake areas. Residents are strongly encouraged to make arrangement with family members. Items of Importance: Drivers Licenses, birth certificates, social security cards, medical information, insurance information, medicine and family emergency contact information Shut Off the main power breaker in your home prior to evacuation.


Krotz Springs

o Hwy 190 Under Bridge 9am – 4pm 25 bags at a time
o Intersection of Park Street & 1st Street 9am – 4pm 25 bags at a time
o Police Department 4pm – Until 25 bags at a time
 Self Fill: Bring Drivers License & Shovel


o Intersection of Gum & Church Street 9am – 4pm 25 bags at a time
o Police Department 4pm – Until 25 bags at a time
 Self Fill: Bring Drivers License & Shovel


o Next Door to City Hall 8am - 4pm
 Self Fill: Bring Drivers License & Shovel

Shelter: Currently not open. Please listen to the local media for updates

Special Needs Residents: Home Health Agencies or Patients of Home Health Agencies, impacted by the upcoming floods in St. Landry Parish, are asked to contact the Department of Public Health at 337.262.5311 to arrange services. Patients are asked to please contact family members for placement prior to contacting the Department of Public Health.

Curfews: None at this time. The Sheriff’s Department and your local police department will work together to determine an appropriate time as needed.

Pets: Residents are asked to make arrangements for their pets Please contact local kennels

Road Closures: None at this time Local Officials are working together and will keep you informed as information arises

More Information:

For more information, please contact one of the following:

St. Landry Parish Government St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office Phone: 337.948.3688 Phone: 337.948.6516

St. Landry Parish Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Agency 337.948.7177

St. Landry Parish Government
P.O. Drawer 1550 Opelousas, Louisiana 70571-1550
Telephone 337.948.3688 Fax 337.948.1281

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