Traffic in St. Martin Parish is likely to heavier starting tomorrow as public school students will be returning to classes.

The start of the 2017-2018 school year for St. Martin Parish is tomorrow.

There will be plenty of buses, traffic and kids all trying to get to school tomorrow in the morning hours, and in the afternoon, they same young people trying to get to their homes.

Remember that school zones for driving will be in effect throughout the parish in areas surrounding school. You will need to slow down during the times that are posted in those zones.

St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office Major Ginny Higgins reminds drivers that they will likely have to slow down for carpool lanes.

She adds that putting away your cell phone while driving is the best way to assure that you will be paying attention to your driving and the safety of others.

Higgins suggests that for at least the next week, you leave earlier than you normally would to get where you are going as there will likely be more traffic.


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