If you're a mom you will stand up an applaud this Facebook post.

If there is anything that grinds my gears, it's people who break into cars with the intention of stealing the belongings of others. Sure, theres the off-chance they'll find a gun or some type of valuable electronic device, but more times than not, they only end up with phone chargers and a handful of change.

The worst part about this scenario is that the car owner is stuck with the inconvenience of a busted window and the cost of replacing it. What's even worse is the victim of a break in has to deal with their privacy being invaded and anyone who's experienced that knows just how maddening it can be.

A friend of mine by the name of Sally Alfred had her car broken into over the weekend and as a result she took to Facebook with an epic "open letter" to all criminals, speaking on behalf of all mothers with "mom mobiles."

Of course her post was very funny and entertaining, but it is also very true. Any parent knows that most family vehicles don't really hold anything appealing, valuable (or sanitary for that matter), and it's pretty much pointless to break in when both parties will ultimately end up inconvenienced, disappointed and wasting their time.

Share this with any moms you know and DEFINITELY share this with any criminals you know.

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