There are so many things fundamentally wrong with the events in this story it's hard to know where to start. Here's what we know. Police in Slidell were called to the airport for donuts. Not the kind of donuts we usually associate with law enforcement but the kind of donuts idiot drivers make with a car.

The idiot driver in question in this story chose to make his automotive donuts in a very conspicuous place. That place the Slidell Municipal Airport.

John Roberston of Kilmichael, Mississippi was arrested on charges of reckless operation of a vehicle. Robertson had managed to get his vehicle stuck in a ditch by the time police arrived on the scene. The bigger concern is how Robertson managed to get his vehicle on to a runway at Slidell Municipal Airport.

Oh, there is one more question I think we all wanted to ask Mr. Robertson and to their credit, the Slidell Police officers on the case did ask. The question? "Why did you do this?" The answer from Mr. Roberston was reported to be "just being stupid." Mission accomplished Mr. Robertson, mission accomplished.

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