Have you ever run into delays at the Lafayette Airport that seem longer than usual?

Earlier today, I noticed a few friends venting on social media about long lines at the Lafayette Airport. At first, I brushed it off as normal airport whining because anyone who expects perfection when traveling is simply not living in the real world.

But this was different.

First, I saw my buddy Collin post his frustration on Facebook.

I've definitely had some issues with TSA delays when traveling and sometimes it simply comes down to staffing based on the flights and terminals we have at our airport. What I've never experienced is the line that I saw in a video (above) posted to Facebook by Chelsey Duplechien.

What's even worse, is that after standing in line, Chelsey and 20 people in her group missed their flight.

Thanks, TSA for making us Wait for over an Hour, to then Miss our flight!!!! Thanks, Delta for also not holding the plane for about 20 of us!!!!!!!! #Delta #traveling

Our news team at KPEL caught wind of the concerns and reached out to friends at the airport.

Airport officials say there are several different factors that are causing the back-up in the morning. One thing is the time change for the first American Airlines flight. That flight used to be scheduled after 8:00 AM. Now, it departs Lafayette Regional Airport at 6:10 AM.


That means every plane leaving the airport was scheduled to depart at the same time.

There are also recent changes to the TSA screening process that nearly doubles the time it takes a passenger to make it through security. Passengers are asked to take out electronics to have them individually screened.

A spokesman for the airport confirmed to KPEL News that plans for the new terminal at Lafayette Regional Airport include space for two security lanes. However, it is up to TSA to ultimately make staffing decisions depending on the demand in the terminal.

Hopefully, that clears up any frustration or confusion and also serves as a reminder to get to the airport as early as you can to avoid any mishaps or unforeseen circumstances.

Happy traveling!

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