The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office is advising people who own property on the Atchafalaya River at Morgan City to take measures now to protect their property as the river is expected to crest at 8 feet in about another nine days.

The National Weather Service says that rising waters from surrounding areas will lead to more water issues for property owners in St. Mary Parish.

The Sheriff's Office wants to remind everyone that all property needs to be secured and any items that float will need to be tied down by March 23.

St. Mary Parish Sheriff Scott Anslum says,
"Camp and property owners in flood prone areas need to take action now to protect and secure property. As the water rises and the current strengthens, it makes traveling in high water areas moree and more dangerous. don't risk your life or potentially the lives of others by waiting until the last minute. Also, remember that anything floating needs to be tied off properly."

If you want to check the river level for yourself, just click here.

The Sheriff wants to remind any boaters in the area that you need to slow down as your wake can cause serious trouble for any property owners as the water levels are so high.

Anslum adds there is no trespassing, travel or parking on the levees.

Conmercial traffic will be subject to the guidelines of the Coast Guard.