Surveillance footage shows a trampoline being lifted into the air by storm winds and slamming into into a house.

We dealt with some serious storm activity this week in south Louisiana and if tornados and flooding weren't enough to worry about, one Thibodaux family had to endure a runaway trampoline.

Our neighbors have a trampoline in their backyard that a few weeks ago blew in our front yard during a random storm. They had just moved in and hadn't secured it yet. My 2-year-old thought the Easter bunny brought him a trampoline and was upset when he couldn't jump on it. We helped move it back and the neighbor says he secured it, but I guess not enough for that storm yesterday! This time it flew across our driveway as you see here, gets stuck on our 6ft gate to the backyard, and you'll see at the end of this vid it actually goes over the gate and into our backyard for its final resting place.

Scary stuff when you think about how effortlessly the wind carries a huge object through the air.

Oh, and the neighbors have decided there won't be any more trampoline action after this.

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