This past Sunday the New Orleans Saints stretched their winning streak to six in a row as they beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30 to 10. In the second half of the game, things started to get testy as the Bucks got frustrated, and things got heated. A Tampa sports journalist has actually defended Bucks player Mike Evans' unsportsmanlike like conduct, and gave Evans a "A" for his actions.

In one of the strangest moments of the game, Bucks QB Jamis Winston came off the bench and and put his finger on Saints DB Marshon Lattimore helmet and gave a little shove. Lattimore responded by turning around and shoving Winston, and then out of nowhere got blindsided by Bucks player Mike Evans.

It was a truly vicious hit, and thankfully no one was injured.

Evans' conduct earned his team a personal foul call, but amazingly he wasn't ejected from the game. journalist Tom Jones actually gave Mike Evans an "A" for his dirty and dangerous actions.

Know what I call Mike Evans blasting Saints defensive back Marshon Lattimore? The act of a good teammate. Was it dirty? Yeah, sure. And did the whole incident on the sideline start because Winston put his finger on the head of Lattimore? Absolutely. But when Lattimore responded by pushing Winston, someone needed to do something, and Evans did the right thing. I guarantee the Winston-Evans bond is tighter now than ever before. Did Evans do Lattimore wrong? Who cares? Evans did right by his quarterback. GRADE: A.


Well, I see where Jones is coming from, sort of. A team has to have each other's back no matter what, and every team protects the QB no matter what. That being said, this was a serious, and dangerous hit. In no way shape or form is this OK and shouldn't be condoned AT ALL. This isn't defending your teammate, this is assault.

Sure, the Bucks are playing pretty pathetically right now, and if you're a Bucks fan, you've got to try and find something to be positive about. But, this is NOT it.

Shame on you Mr. Jones.

Evans has received a one game suspension.






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