You might be surprised to know that the NFL, who makes billions of dollars and doesn't pay taxes, won't see fit to pay the artists who perform at halftime during the Super Bowl. Nothing. Zero. Nada.These are the same people who tried to shut down all the Mom and Pop stores from selling WHO DAT merchandise when the Saints were in the Super Bowl in 2010, because they weren't getting a cut. Wow.

According to TIME Magazine, NFL Director of Programming Lawrence Randall said 'We’re putting someone up there for 12 and a half minutes in front of the largest audience that any television program garners in the United States, It’s a pretty good deal. It’s the famous win-win for both parties.' Except that the artist doesn't get paid.

And I don't care if the artists make a lot of money on album and digital sales after their performance, they are still being asked to work for free. I think this is horrible, what do you think?

Super Bowl 51 will be held on Sunday, February 5 at 5:30 pm, live from Houston, Texas. Halftime entertainment will be provided by Lady Gaga....who won't get paid.

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