The New Orleans Saints will pick 11th in the 2017 NFL Draft, and that may not be a good thing.

In their history, the Saints have picked #11 three times before, with out much success.

As a matter of fact, two of their picks at #11 are viewed as two of the worst picks in franchise history.

The first time the Saints ever picked #11 was back in 1979 when they chose Texas punter/place kicker Russell Erxleben.

Erxleben is considered maybe the worst first round pick in franchise history, making only 4-of-8 career field goal attempts.

In his defense, who did punt for a decent 40.6 yard average over 5 seasons with the team, but this picked is still laughed/talked about.

8 years later, the Saints chose BYU defensive tackle Shawn Knight with the 11th pick of the 1987 NFL Draft.

Knight played in 10 games as a rookie in 1987, all as a reserve, before being traded to the Denver Broncos for another 1987 first round disappointment, defensive lineman Ted Gregory.

Another bad pick at number 11.

The last time the Saints picked at #11 was back in 1996, when they chose Oregon cornerback Alex Molden.

In 5 seasons with the Saints, Molden played in 74 games, including 38 as a starter, compiling 165 total tackles and 8 interceptions.

Now, let's be fair here; Molden wasn't bad, far from a bust, and by far the organization's best pick at #11. That being said, he wasn't a really good pick either, and most Saints fans will remember the team passing on Ohio St. running back Eddie George, who went on to make the Pro Football Hall of Fame, in favor of Molden.

So, the 11th pick hasn't been overly kind to the Saints.

Then again, the odds are in their favor to hit with that 11th pick!

The Saints do have another first round pick this year, at pick #32.

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