I am not happy that a man has lost his job. I am simply happy that I will no longer have to watch him do a job that has grated on my last nerve since the first time I saw him do that job.

The man is actor Jim Connor. His character is Larry Culpepper, you know the potentially psychotic Dr. Pepper vendor who makes sure we all hate Dr. Pepper by the end of the first quarter of any televised college football game? Larry Culpepper has been put out to pasture.

What's next for Mr. Connor? I sincerely believe we can't say we've seen the last of him. I predict him showing up on the next season of Dancing With the Stars since they seem to have run totally out of celebrities.

I could picture him dancing with Flo and the lizard from the insurance commercials, maybe one of the constipated stars from the yogurt commercials, or perhaps he'd be paired with the equally odd-looking prefab face wearing Burger King mascot.

Jim Connor, I wish you well sir. Larry Culpepper, I am happy to see you go. You totally disrupted my enjoyment of college football for too many games. I guess old vendors really never die though, their careers just go down the drain. Am I right? That'll work.

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