These two yellow labs are not related. Their owners are. The two dogs were recently introduced.

The adult is two-year-old Harley. The puppy is six-week-old Zena. After sniffing and staring, you see in the video that the two quickly became fast friends and playmates.

What's more interesting is that Harley realizes that Zena needs to be handled with care. Harley has a typically calm demeanor, but she is very active and playful. Her favorite games with her owners are fetch and tug of war with her rope. Amazingly, she knows not to be rough with the puppy.

Labrador retrievers are known for their even temperament. They make fantastic family pets, as they are usually good around children and other animals because they enjoy company! These dogs love to play, and they will fetch and return a ball with little coaxing at an early age.

Labs are an intelligent breed and are often trained in search and rescue, police work, and, most often, as hunting dogs.

The Cajun Hunting Retriever Club will be attending the Louisiana Outdoor Expo July 27 through July 29 at the Cajun Dome and Convention Center. The group trains dogs for hunting and educates hunters.

You also won't want to miss the Fetch and Fish attraction to see some of these amazing dogs in action. You will absolutely love this show as much as we all do!

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