Even those who live here and know about Louisiana's rich and unique history, can't profess to know everything about our state. I'm always finding out little tidbits that are delightful, and fun to know. It makes me so glad that I live here!

Only in Louisiana has found some facts that even the most die hard Louisiana citizen might not know. These are pretty cool, by the way.

  • Louisiana has the tallest state capitol building in the United States - 34 floors, and 450 feet
  • Natchitoches is the oldest city in the state - it was established in 1714
  • We are home to the only cemetery in the United States that faces north to south instead of east to west. St Joseph's Cemetery in Rayne is one of a kind!
  • The traditional colors of Mardi Gras, green, gold, and purple, date back to the very first King Rex parade in 1872
  • The official state drink is milk. Really??
  • Louisiana is the only state that still follow Napoleonic law. The rest of America operates under English common law
  • We are one of only two states that don't have counties. Louisiana has parishes, and Alaska has boroughs
  • The oldest continually operating streetcar line in the US is the St Charles streetcar line in New Orleans
  • The first opera ever performed in the United States was in 1796 in New Orleans. it was Ernest Grétry's 'Sylvain'
  • The largest heliport in America is in Morgan City - it has 46 helipads, and is mostly used for off shore operations
  • The Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo is the oldest fishing rodeo in the US. It was established in 1928, and is still running!

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