When it comes to zodiac signs, we usually only see and read the positive things. Apparently, there are also some not so positive things about our zodiac signs. Is it all just a bunch of hogwash, or is there something to it? Judge for yourself and see if any of these creepy characteristics look familiar to you.

Ranker.com has explained the ugly side to your astrological makeup below, and has more in depth explanations of these creepy zodiac sign characteristics. I'm a Taurus, and honestly I don't completely disagree with this creepy assessment.

1) Aries: "You are shockingly violent. You're just as headstrong and opinionated as your fellow fire signs Leo and Sagittarius, but unlike them, your energy and enthusiasm can turn into explosive violence at the drop of a hat."

2) Taurus: "Your possessiveness is really uncomfortable. Your persistence, materialism, and sentimentality can prevent you from ever letting things go, and the more you care about them, the more stubbornly you defend your right to own them forever."

3) Gemini: "You are a two-faced liar. Your friends know you talk behind their backs, Gemini. Not that you're a bad person - you just can't help letting other people know how you really feel about some of the crazy stuff your loved ones have told you."

4) Cancer: "You get off on being wronged. The only thing you love more than caring for your loved ones is reveling in your overdeveloped martyr complex."

5) Leo: "You're a narcissistic monster. You're generous, enthusiastic, and fun, so if you compulsively steal the spotlight, it doesn't really matter. If you fuel drama just to feed your thirst for a dramatic life, is it really that bad?"

6) Virgo: "You are a disturbing control freak. You are so invested in making sure that everything around you is perfect that instead of showing you care, you plan and control without asking for any input."

7) Libra: "You empathize perfectly with horrific people. You give equal weight to every opinion before deciding, and sometimes, that means taking a walk in the shoes of someone whose morals deeply horrify you."

8) Scorpio: "You get too excited about the objectively terrifying. Crime, tragedy, and taboo will grab your attention over anything else, and you'll stay fascinated long after anyone else would have lost the stomach to keep going."

9) Sagittarius: You're the perfect cult leader. All you want is to venture out into the world in search of a truth in which you can place your unwavering conviction, reach out to like-minded people, and preach your truth to them."

10) Capricorn: You are an ambitious sea goat void of all emotion. What wouldn't you do to get ahead, Capricorn? Your compatriots admire you for your ambition and determination, and you can't imagine a world where those qualities could be a burden to you."

11) Aquarius: Your Idea of fixing the world is blatantly sociopathic. It's not your job to think about people and their feelings - you have work to do!"

12) Pisces: "You are an emotionally volatile nightmare. You know that your feelings aren't necessarily rational, but that doesn't stop you from dramatically blaming other people for causing you pain."


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