It's a story we've been following.

A number of parents recently posted on social media that they were not sending their kids back to Cecilia High School until threats were addressed by the administration.

Now, KLFY-TV reports that the St. Martin Parish School Board is aware of the alleged threats from the campus of the high school.

The school district released this statement on Thursday, “The St. Martin Parish School Board was made aware of a possible threat at Cecilia High School. School Administrators are subsequently conducting an investigation regarding the possible threat following St. Martin Parish School Board protocols."

While no names have been reported, parents say on social media that one student allegedly had a list of student's names on it with "RIP" next to them.

The same parents say that the student who allegedly compiled the list was allowed to remain on campus.

We've reached out to the school and are currently awaiting to hear back from the administration at Cecilia High.

We will continue to follow this developing story and provide you with more as it becomes available.


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