Voters should be aware of three constitutional amendments on the October 14th ballot.

Amendment number one establishes a property tax exemption for construction work in progress. President of the Public Affairs Research Council, Robert Travis Scott, says if it passes, that law would be relatively straightforward.

“Whether it’s a home or a business, retail or industry, you won’t be assessed for a property tax for that construction work in process.”

Amendment two would give surviving spouses of first responders who died while on duty a property tax exemption. He says an exemption currently exists for surviving spouses of National Guard members, state police, law enforcement or fire firefighters who die in the line of duty. Scott says passage of Amendment two extends the tax break to spouses of volunteer firefighters, emergency medical responders and paramedics.

“If they’re killed on duty, the spouse would get total relief from property taxes on their home. Right now we only get a homestead exemption of $75,000 of the value of the home.”

Amendment three would create a construction subfund of the transportation trust fund. Scott says in layman’s terms, that means if the state gas tax is ever raised, any new revenue must go towards road and highway construction projects and nothing else.

“The whole idea is just trying to generate trust that if there is a fuel tax increase it in will in fact it will be spent not on salaries and a lot of administrative work for roads and highways but actually on roads and highways.”

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