The Toledo Bend Reservoir has earned a spot in the top five bass fishing lakes in the Central U.S.


Sabine Parish CVB Director Linda Curtis Sparks says this is the third time Toledo Bend has been in the best lakes to bass fishing in the country in recent years.


She says it’s an extremely positive time in the area with all the visitors.
“Our overnight lodging sales are at about the highest mark they’ve ever been in Toledo Bend history and it’s a 48 year history, so we’re happy.”


Toledo Bend is located in Sabine Parish along the Louisiana-Texas border. In addition to being named the number 4 bass fishing lake in the central part of the country, the Lt. Governor’s office also recently launched the Louisiana Bass Trail. Sparks says it showcases the great fishing that can be done in north Louisiana.


“It involves seven north Louisiana lakes and eight state parks. Toledo Bend is one of those on that trail, so it’s bringing new people to the lake that we haven’t seen before.”
Toledo Bend was named the top bass fishing lake in the country in 2015 and 2016 by Bassmaster Magazine. Sparks says the structure of the lake makes Toledo Bend so special. She credits their great success to the very active stocking program plus with natural spawning.


“The state of Louisiana has stocked almost 14 million Florida bass in Toledo Bend in the last year, Texas has done the same thing. So we’re about at 32 million.”

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