At 1:18 CST, all phones across the United States will receive a test-alert from the White House. This alert cannot be canceled and will be quite obvious in terms of the sound. For those who aren't paying attention to the time, this can be quite inconvenient, depending on their situation and location. If the phone is powered on you're going to get the alert. This is a test of the system and will only be used in the future for major national emergencies, so hopefully, this will be the only time we hear it on our phones.

That being said, here are some situations and locations where the alert may cause problems today:

  • Kids who brought their kids to school
  • Funeral homes
  • Courtrooms
  • Church confessional
  • Company conference calls
  • Cell phone stores/kiosks
  • Operating rooms
  • Covert operations
  • Hide and seek
  • Libraries
  • Kindergarten nap time
  • Winning caller for cash contest
  • Prison cells

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