There was a scary incident on Saturday night at the Brazoria County Fair in Texas during a Tracy Byrd concert as a stage light fell during the end of his show and injured a band member.

Tracy had just wrapped up his set and was making his way off the stage when a massive stage light rigging came crashing down and hit keyboard player Vernon Emshoff.

In the cellphone video seen here, you can see several band members, including Byrd, rushing over to hold up the rigging to help Emshoff out from under the rubble.

According to those close to the situation, Emshoff suffered a bad cut on his head and was taken to a hospital in Galveston where the injury was stitched up and he was later released.

Bass player for the band and Breaux Bridge native Kyle Hebert posted the following on his Facebook page late Sunday evening:

A difference of mere inches was the difference between horrible news and the worst possible news this morning/last night. Prayers and more prayers, thanking God that my road Brother Vernon Emshoff is better, headed home, and participating in our group texts again. To all of my other musician friends out there, double-check that all rigging has been anchored properly, before you get on stage to perform. As freak as this accident was, it could have been prevented. That’s the part that makes us all angry.

The cause of the accident has yet to be determined.

The Brazoria County Fair Association did issue the following statement:

The incident last night is very unfortunate and we are continuing an investigation as safety is a top priority at the Brazoria County Fair. It is our understanding that the injured band member has received treatment and we pray for a speedy recovery.

Tracy Byrd did go on to perform his regularly scheduled show on Sunday evening in Florida without his keyboard player.

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