A UL-Lafayette student used Twitter to let other students on campus know about a potential stalker near campus.

The student posted that she watched a man closely follow a "blond" female student to her home located on Lamar Avenue and then walk away.

The alleged stalker reportedly had a white cloth in his hand as he followed the young lady. According to the UL student following the man, he did not appear to be a student at the university.

The student who witnessed this says that she attempted to alert the female student who was followed but was unable to make contact with her.

Sadly, things didn't stop here. According to the young lady who witnessed this incident the man was spotted watching another female on campus. Luckily she was able to alert this student about the man watching her.

Police were notified of this incident and was able to make contact with a man matching the description. He denied following anyone on or around the campus.

According to KLFY-TV, the case has been turned over to the Lafayette Police Department and Sheriff's Office for further investigation.

We want to remind EVERYONE to always be aware of your surroundings. And if you see anything, report it---like this very brave UL student did.

Here's what the student Tweeted out after the incident.

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