Can you name the 2014 opening day defensive line-up for the Louisiana Ragin' Cajun softball team?

Actually, if you can name 5 of the 9, then give yourself a pat on the back, because it's impressive.

Keep in mind, this team made it to the Women's College World Series!

Below is the opening day defensive alignment for the 2014 team:

Catcher---Lexie Elkins
First Base---Shelbi Redfearn
Second Base---Natalie Fernandez
Shortstop---Samantha Walsh
Third Base---Kelsey Vincent
Left Field---Kassidy Zeringue
Centerfield---Haley Hayden
Right Field--Shellie Landry
Pitcher---Alex Stewart

I went back in time because I always talk about how opening day line-ups are overrated, and this is a perfect example.

Teams are molded throughout the year, and this bunch became one of the best in school history, despite the fact that by the end of the season, five spots were primarily handled by different people.

Below is the defensive alignment that the Cajuns used most of the season:

Catcher---Lexie Elkins
First Base---Kelsey Vincent
Second Base---Natalie Fernandez
Shortstop---Corin Voinche
Third Base---Samantha Walsh
Left Field---Shelbi Redfearn
Centerfield---Haley Hayden
Right Field---Shellie Landry
Pitcher---Christina Hamilton

Michael Lotief is one of the best coaches in the country. He figured it out four years ago, and this year's team has already gotten better in a one week timespan.

Now, this year's team has used the same line-up, both in terms of batting order and defensive positions, every game, but this is just another example of why some people put too much stock in early season games, and the personnel that play in it.

Every season in a work in progress, and it's still a long way until June, and the 2017 Women's College World Series.

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