I've worked with Kevin Foote for my entire 14-year radio career and I had no clue.

Kevin Foote is one of the most electric personalities on ESPN 1420. Our Hot 1079 studio shares a wall with the ESPN studio, as well as a production studio where I cross paths with Foote just about every weekday.

Nearly 15 years working with the guy and I had no clue his father was murdered when he was a child.

What's worse is that not only was his father, former Red Cross director Russell Foote, killed in 1974, but his murder remains unsolved to this day. In addition to his gig at ESPN, Foote is also the sports editor at The Daily Advertiser—a place where he has covered sports since he got out of high school.

That's where I first heard about his dad.

Full disclosure: Earlier this week I saw something shared by one of his colleagues teasing an upcoming story about the cold case that was recently reopened—but I didn't click the link. I put it on my mental backburner.

Fast forward to Tuesday, when I saw Foote in the hallway, on our usual paths crossing. I didn't want to be the one to bring up such a sensitive topic when he broke the ice to me and my morning show partner.

There was a story that he put up that day, asking for help in solving his father's murder. He asked that we read it if we had time, and maybe share it with anyone who could possibly help. If anything, it was a surefire reminder to take it off of the backburner.

Later that day, I crossed paths with another colleague; Jay Walker. Jay has probably known Kevin as long as I've been alive and he told me when he read the story, he "bawled his eyes out" at his desk.

Still, I never got around to reading the story. I knew I would need uninterrupted time to really pay attention and my plan was to read it today—plus, the full story would be out. Upon my arrival back into Lafayette after a quick trip out of town, Chris Reed walked into the studio and the first words out of his mouth were "stop what you're doing and please read that story."

I eventually found my way to my desk after everyone was gone for the day, and from beginning to end my jaw was on the floor. I actually had to step away halfway through the story to make sure what I was reading was actually real.

Once I finished reading the story, my heart was broken for Kevin, his family and all of his loved ones who never got the answers they deserved in a case that seemed mishandled at every turn.

1974 was a long time ago, but if there is anything you can do to help Kevin Foote and his family find some sort of justice, peace or closure—please, just read and share their story here on The Daily Advertiser's website.

I truly believe once his chilling story is heard by enough people, we can possibly shed more light on the numerous questions that still surround this unsolved murder.

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