A report by Greg Hillburn of the USA Today Network says Houma Senator Norby Chabert and Lafayette Representative Stuart Bishop got into a fist fight at a Baton Rouge bar last night, supposedly related to a bill blocked in committee by Bishop. Bishop issued his apology on the House floor.

"I feel like it was unbecoming of a gentlemen. Or unbecoming of a member of this house. And for that I truly apologize".

Chabert told the USA Today Network that he loves Stuart like a brother and sometimes brothers fight.

Bishop attempted to inject some levity into the awkward subject.

"A couple hundred years ago when we had a fight in this state, we did it with dueling guns. That was not the case last night. I would like to say it wouldn't happen again. Next time it will just be dueling guns"

Political Analyst Bernie Pinsonat says the severe budget woes, lack of trust, and rising levels of partisanship have are pushing the legislature to the breaking point.

"Their fuses are burning short right now would be a great way to describe it. Their nerves are frayed, and they think that they have another special session in front of them".

Polls indicate the legislature is not a popular body at the moment, and Pinsonat says this altercation just makes them look even worse at time when the state is already struggling

"It really should send a warning to the 144 members that you better quiet down and get your work done, and get out of town without causing more problems for yourself. You can only shoot yourself in the foot so many times".

Both Chabert and Bishop are Republicans.

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