For some reason, we are fascinated by things that happened the year we were born. I, for example, was born the year that St Jude Hospital opened and the country of Jamaica was granted independence. I guess it should be no coincidence I hold both of those places in high regard for very different reasons.

For this particular list, The Insider chose not to go back into the dark ages of when cavemen like me were born. They start their star-crossed search for tainted tunes in the year 1975. Which would have been a good year for breakups because the song they selected was Freddy Fender's Before The Next Teardrop Falls.

Only a couple of country songs were included in this list along with the aforementioned Freddie Fender cut Lady Antebellum's Need You Now also made the list. I have to admit the deeper into the 2000's the more disenchanted I got with the song selection but then again I come from a different time and a different place.

But if you do look back to the year I was born, 1962, I'd have some great songs to choose from like I Can't Stop Loving' You By Ray Charles, The Monster Mash by Bobby"Boris" Pickett, The Stripper by David Rose, and the one I'd prefer, Green Onions by Booker T. and the M.G.'s. I just love the lyrics to that one. They are so sentimental.


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