The incident that has made national attention at the Vermilion Parish School Board meeting, has led to more quesations than answers about how the school board members actually get along.

District G school board member Sara Duplechain joined Acadiana's Morning News and offered a candid conversation about how she feels about hte incident that occurred and how she feels about the school board in general

She said this unfortunate incident has surfaced failed communication and disunity among board members. She called the removal and subsequent arrest of educator Deyshia Hargrave "pathetic and embarrassing."

She said there has been no apology from school board president Anthony Fontana.

"It is very disheartening that no one has apologized publicly," she said.

There have been accusations that there are personal vendettas among school board members.

"The people that matter are the teachers in the classroom and the students doing the work," Duplechain said.

"It's our job to listen," Deplechain said. "We represent the public; they ha"ve the right to ask questions."

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