Is New Orleans getting to be too dangerous to visit? This security camera video provides graphic documentation of what can happen when you're just walking along a city street in The Big Easy.

New Orleans Police released this video in hopes that someone in the area might recognize the two criminals who assaulted and robbed these two pedestrians.

According to a report on, the incident happened in the 200 block of Bienville Street just before 11 PM on Saturday night. The video shows two men walking down the sidewalk when two other men attack them from behind.

One of the victims is clearly knocked unconscious and the other is tackled to the ground. That's when two other criminals arrive on the scene to aid their "friends" in robbing the two victims. At a later point in the video, two passersby arrive on the scene. That is when the cowards make a run for it.

The police report indicated that both victims had wallets and cellphones stolen. Both victims were taken to the hospital and one remains in critical condition.

Maybe I am missing the point but shouldn't the almighty Mitch Landrieu take a few minutes away from his political agenda to do actually do something to protect the citizens he was elected to serve? I guess keeping people from being robbed and brutally assaulted doesn't make enough national headlines for the almighty Mitch to actually do something.

Hey, Mitch, your city, and our state make a lot of money from tourism dollars. I don't think this kind of video is a great way to encourage anyone to visit New Orleans or Louisiana in general. Maybe the next thing you could remove from the New Orleans landscape is all of these bad guys. Or maybe we should just remove you and bring in leadership that actually cares about the people and not their selfish national political aspirations.

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