A viral video shows the moment when two motorists seemingly get into a disagreement in the middle of the road. While one older man attempts to stop the younger woman from driving away, his idea to use his own body as a barricade does not work the way he planned.


Many on social media are reacting to the video that shows quite the scene in the middle of a roadway. An older man and a younger woman are seemingly in a dispute.

At first, the older man is standing in front of the young woman's car in an attempt to stop her from proceeding down the road.

Twitter via @rahsh33m
Twitter via @rahsh33m

When the man refuses to move out of the way, the woman gets out of her vehicle and pushes the man to the side.

She gets back in her car to attempt to drive away, but the man once again uses his own body as a barricade. At this point, the woman attempts to drive forward but the man jumps onto the hood of her car.


The driver clearly was over the man's attempts at stopping her vehicle, so she drove off with the man falling to the pavement.

Man's Failed Attempt to Barricade Vehicle with His Own Body Goes Viral

See the full video shared to Twitter by @rahsh33m below.

Reactions to the clip coming from Twitter can be found here.

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