CBS This Morning via YouTube
CBS This Morning via YouTube

Halloween night, by design, is supposed to be a little scary. By a little scary I mean kids in costumes accompanied by adults making the rounds in the neighborhood hoping to score a nice haul of candy. The real truth is that this innocent night of fun might have a sinister undertone that even most moms and dads haven't fully realized.

Do you have a registered sex offender living in your neighborhood? Are you about to send your child to go knock on the door of a known deviant? As frightening as those scenarios sound they are a reality in today's world.

Using this site, you can enter your home address and see where registered sex offenders live in relation to where you live and where your child might be roaming the streets tomorrow night looking for candy.

The U.S. Department of Justice says 80% of us live within one mile of at least one registered sex offender. What makes this statistic even more frightening is the fact that over half of all sexual assaults occur within one mile of the victim's homes.

We hope you will use this information to make the best decisions you can when it comes to keeping your children and your family safe. Whether it's Halloween night or any night, we're always working hard to keep you informed.




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