captioned the moment with 'Drinks on me!!!'

That may be the perfect way to describe the Vikings fan who threw a beer on a group of Saints defensive players, but something tells me that he wasn't too happy at the time. The Saints had just ran back a pick six, shifting the momentum in a game that they would ultimately win 30-20.

Saints defensive backs Chris Banjo, Kurt Coleman, and Vonn Bell all said they felt the beer fly in.

Banjo doesn't drink but said he picked up the can anyway and ran toward the Saints bench.

I was trying to get an endorsement. I started running with the can. I don’t even drink.

There's no word on whether the fan was kicked out of U.S. Bank Stadium or not, but one photog said he saw a fan being escorted out in handcuffs in the general direction from which the can came.

Personally, I'm aggravated because sore losers shouldn't be allowed into stadiums, but even more so because people like this guy are the reason we have to take our damn bottle cap off of every drink we purchase at sporting events.

At least the Saints took the beer grenade in stride.

Maybe next time throw some sweet tea. I would’ve drank it.

Just another reason to be happy about the Saints win in Minnesota.

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