A woman caught a would-be package thief in the driveway and let's just say that this thief had no chance.

The nanny at this house saw the thief approach the front door via a security camera and that's when she pursued the woman attempting to take a package.

Just as would-be thief approached the getaway car, it took off---leaving the thief on the roadway. Luckily the nanny was able to catch the thief and restrain her (sticky fingers) until police arrived.

I don't know the relation of the nanny to the homeowners, but I'd say she deserves a raise. A good one.

Remember, people are looking for packages left at your residence this holiday season. It's always safer and smarter to have your packages shipped to your place of employment if you or someone won't be home to accept the packages when delivered.

Sadly, you just can't trust people these days to have a package visible from the roadway these days.



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