A woman in Baton Rouge received a little more than just a sandwich when she received her order at a restaurant on Friday night.

Tanya Varnadoe visited Bull Chicks off of Coursey Boulevard and noticed something shocking when she got home.

"'N***a' was on my receipt," Varnadoe told WBRZ-TV. "I noticed it once I got home, and it was shocking to me."

After she read the inappropriate remarks on the receipt, she immediately got back into her car and drove back to the restaurant.

"We asked him why he would put this on the receipt and he said it was a joke," Varnadoe said. "This is a black-owned company."

Varnadoe said that a worker told her that one of the kitchen workers missed pickles on two orders before hers, so the person taking the orders put "pickles n***a" on the instructions. Varnadoe said that being a black-owned business does not make the situation any better.

"It does not give them a free pass to put 'n***a' on anyone's receipt, or do it in the workplace," Varnadoe said.

The owner of Bull Chicks showed sincere remorse on Monday.

"What happened was one of our employees, he's a black young male was goofing around on the register on Friday night," owner Brent Ramsey said. "He typed in 'pickles n***a' and sent it back to a white sandwich maker. Unfortunately, that ticket went out on the bag to a customer."

Ramsey said that on behalf of the employee involved and his business, he is sincerely sorry to Varnadoe and anyone else that may have been offended.

"That employee was taken off shift," Ramsey said. "That employee had their salary reduced because we give out tips. That employee is sorrier than anyone. He is beating himself up over the situation."

Varnadoe said she has contacted an attorney but has not made any definite decisions on any possible further action.

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