A Popeyes Chicken customer was pretty upset when she found out that her "$4 Wicked Good Deal" didn't come with a drink. She was so upset she proceeded to trash the restaurant and smash a window. Dang...

It all happened at a Popeyes in Staten Island this past Sunday. An employee told nbclosangeles that the customer was drunk. In the video, the woman is seen flipping off employees, then picking up a sign and throwing it. Finally, she uses a chair to smash a window.

Employees tried to explain that the deal includes an order of Wicked Chicken strips plus a side, a buttermilk biscuit and dipping sauce, but does not include a soft drink. They told her she was confused and may have been thinking of Wendy's $4 meal deal, but she was so irate she couldn't be reasoned with, the employee said. 


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