If you aren't familiar with the Saints QB Challenge, then you're missing out.

Drew Brees and the Saints are putting in hard work during training camp to prepare for the upcoming season. After two back to back seasons ended in the most heartbreaking fashion many players on the team know they have what it takes to win, but it all comes down to executing.

What I love about the Saints, is that they put in the work, but they also know how to have a good time. During training camp Drew Brees and the rest of the Saints quarterbacks know how to cut loose after practice with their Saints QB Challenge.

Each challenge has a different way for the quarterbacks to score points. So far this offseason the challenges have included a Mario Kart theme, smashing Gatorade bottles, and now we have new Pelicans superstar Zion Williamson joining in the latest basketball-themed challenge.

Oh, and they were also joined by this other guy named Alvin Kamara that you might recognize.

Earlier today, we shared footage of Drew throwing passes to Zion after he accepted Drew's offer to be a part of today's challenge (above) and now we've got the video showing how it all went down.

Also, after watching that video, is there anything that Drew Brees can't do?

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